Founded in 1984 Quilinox, advises and offers the best brands and solutions for fluid handling since more than 30 years.

We are leaders in quality steel. All our products are device to regulate, control, measure, dispense and more. We cover different sectors as well as the Food Industry, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Microelectronics and Aerospace; and also their Assistants, Engineering, Installers, Equipment Builders, etc. We supply following products according to our standard product range:

  • Standard connections: aseptic, tri-clamp and sterile connections, reusable sterile hose connections.
  • Vessel equipment: flange, samples, valves.
  • Sight glass: flow indicator, tank sight glass.
  • Check valve and diaphgram valve: sterile check valve, 2/2-way valve, T-valve, tank bottom valve, sample valve, ball valve.
  • Sterile silicone hoses.
  • Special equipment, such as heat exchanger, sample systems, strainers, etc.

All our products are guarantee by the registered trademark Quilinox. Our manufacturers comply with ISO 9001 and the main regulations as CE, ASME-BPE, EHEDG, 3.1, 3A, FDA and ATEX. We also offer more specific certificates as those for materials, guaranteeing traceability.

Quilinox currently employs 35 people, technically and commercially prepared to offer the best service. Including distribution, installation, testing, monitoring, technical assistance and after-sales service. We also have an extensive dealer network covering territories in Spain and abroad.

We wish to be the best help for our customers.


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