Quilinox has a wide range of products and brands related to any requirement for industries such as Pharmacy, Food, Cosmetics or Chemistry. Our professional team offers the best advice about any kind of decision, getting the best solution according to your needs and with certification if required.


Inox pumps: sanitary, centrifugal, helicoidal, pneumatic. According to FDA, 3A, EHEDG regulations. STEAM-WATER mixers for the production of instant hot water.


Stainless steel lobe pumps according to sanitary certifications like 3A, EHEDG.


Steel valves: butterfly, sphere, multiway, security, piston, modulating, manual and automatic. Meets FDA regulations, 3A, ATEX.


Corrugated tube heat exchangers. Suitable for heat exchange processes of industrial products at low and medium viscosity even with small particles.

Graco, bombas neumáticas de doble membrana

Air operated double diaphragm pumps, industrial and sanitary 3A and EHEDG certified. Sanitary piston pumps. Tanks emptying groups.

M Pumps, arrastre magnético

Centrifugal and magnetic drive pumps to satisfy the requirements of the refining, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

4G Ghidini, válvulas de bola y raccorderia en inox según normativa UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Stainless steel ball valves according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Rattiinox, válvulas de diafragma y aguja

Needle and diaphragm valves for pharma and biotecnology industries.


PIGGING-SYSTEMS, drag torpedo, sterile samplers, filters, pressure valves and aseptic depression.

PBM, válvulas de bola

Ball valves, ASME BPE, sanitary, aseptic and sterile. A-316L, hastelloy, titanium and other materials. Dimensions from ¼ to 8′. Applications: demanding industries.

Servinox, Válvulas de seguridad y protección

Safety valves and aseptic protection of tanks. Pressure and vacuum. Pigging-SYSTEM.

Dockweiler, ASME BPE 316L/14.435 BN2

ASME BPE 316L/14.435 BN2pipes and fittings, calibrated and streched.

Fratelli Laveggi, Bocas de hombre, tapas y accesorios

Stainless steel mandlids and covers for process equipment and storage equipment.

Boyer, Bocas de hombre o tapas, puertas para autoclaves

Manlids or covers, stainless registration and alloy steels. Portholes.

Azzini, contenedores paletizados

Stainless steel container. For storage of food or chemical concentrates, alcohols, etc. Stainless tanks.

flexcube, la nueva tonelería

Genuine hand-split barrel oak coupled with the latest Cube to provide the perfect maturation environment for fine wines.

Metaglas, Mirillas visores inox y cristal fundido en INOX, irrompibles

Stainless viewers and cast glass, unbreakable and aseptic.

Lanthalux, Proyectores y mirillas visoras

Projectors and peepholes visors, industrial and sanitary portholes.

Adcouplings, Casquillos ferrules clamp, abrazaderas clamp

Caps clamp ferrules, stainless steel clamp, clamp gaskets.

breconcherry, Quilinox

Heads and cleaning systemsfor vessels, tanks, silos, transport tanks, etc. Save time, water and effluent.

Geci tech, latiguillos, mirillas irrompibles

Hoses, silicone hoses and PTFE techniques. Unbreakable and aseptic viewers, class VI. USP or FDA.

Ramex, enrolladores de manguera automáticos y manuales

Automatic and manual hose reels, cleaning with spear guns, stainless furniture, cleaning systems, stainless steel sinks and gutters.

Gflow, caudalímetros

Flowmeters, automation and metering process. Electromagnetic counters.


Sensors for industrial processes: pressure gauges, temperature sensors, switches, level meters.


Inox valves and fittings for Food Industry. Regulations: SMS, DIN, CLAMP. Air Trap.

Zotefoams, aislamiento avanzado para ambientes limpios

Advanced insulation for clean environments by high-performance PVDF Foam. Easy, clean, safe.

Orbinox, Válvulas de guillotina, retención y compuertas murales

Knife gate valves, gates and retaining wall. Applications, solid, mud, tape, viscous mass, etc.


Spray nozzles of different materials for various applications and technologies.

Inoxfer, disolutores

Dissolvers of powders and liquids. Homogenization of powdery products with liquid or mixture of liquids different from each other.